Who We Are

  Who We Are  
We are a Bible church, adhering to the fundamentals of faith while addressing contemporary issues, and measuring the experiences of life by God's standard as revealed in the Bible.

We are an independent church in character, in that we are not connected with any sectarian body. The governing power rests with the elders of the church as the Holy Spirit directs.

We are a missionary church maintaining a steadily expanding program of world missions, and contributing consistently to home and world missions.

We are a family church with an active age-graded Christian Education class for every member of the family.

We are a friendly church. If you find these objectives to be yours as well, then come join us! There is a place for you!

The purpose of this local assembly is to glorify God through making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, calling people to repentance from sin and to faith in him, and edifying the Body of Christ to the praise and glory of His grace. This we endeavor to do by corporate, as well as individual, worship, praise, prayer, and study of God's Word.

To the same end: 

  1. We purpose to edify fellow Christians in the "most holy faith" by the preaching and teaching of God's Word, by prayer, by fellowship, and by the breaking of bread.
  2. We purpose to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ known to the world by the preaching and teaching of God's Word, by lifestyle, and by sending and supporting, financially and otherwise, of Christian Missionaries.
  3. We purpose to "do good to all people, especially to those of the household of faith".

We believe that the church must exist and function on the principles laid down in the Scriptures. There are sufficient guidelines in the Scriptures as to how the church is to act and operate. The church is to be the body of the continuing ministry of Jesus Christ. To be thus, the church must be Bible-centered.

When the church as a whole is Word-conscious, believers see themselves in the sphere of the eternal. Heaven, hell, redemption, sin and the reality of a loving and sovereign Creator have gravity to them. The preaching of the Word is seen as the source of the knowledge of the Creator and the clear declaration of His one and only plan for their salvation. We, at Edgewood Bible Church, stand as a Bible-centered church.