Nursery Policies

  Nursery Policies  
The following policies for nursery volunteers are designed to meet ministry goals:

  • Please remember to show up 10 minutes before 1st service, or 15 minutes before 2nd service
  • Remember to wash your hands when you enter the nursery, as well as after wiping kids's noses, etc as we focus on hygiene and cleanliness to stop the spread of germs.
  • Check-in for children includes having parents fill out the sign-in sheet and putting their tag on their back. Visitors should fill out a registration form for each of their children, put a sticker on their back with their name and a paging number.  Check the number sheet to see which numbers are assigned to visitors (in the 50's).
  • Any child with food allergies should have a red "allergy allert" sticker on his/her nametag.  The back of the tag lists the specific allergy.  If you are checking in a visitor, please ask about allergies (or be sure to take note of any listed on their registration form).
  • A new sickness policy is posted on the bulletin board and provided as a handout for parents. Our hope is that parents will not bring their children when they're sick, but if they want to drop off a child that you feel is too sick (based on the list), you may politely decline.
  • There is a new diaper changing policy posted above the changing tables (and to be included here in the near future).  One important aspect is this should only be performed by adult women. It is let to the discretion of those serving in the nursery whether to change a diaper or page the parent in the service, depending on how busy the nursery is.
  • Feel free to give the children a snack.  Snacks are kept in the blue drawer labeled "Snack." Extras are kept in the yellow cabinet under the window.  Please wash the children's hands before snack, either with sanitizer or soap and water.
  • If more help is needed during the service, have someone go to the sound booth in the Multi-Purpose Building and ask them to page "00" on the multi-media screen.  If you are not serving in the nursery that service but see this page on the screen, please go to the nursery to see how much help is needed.
  • If you have a small number of children, or a small number of helpers, only use the main side of the nursery.  But if you do use the other side of the nursery, there must be an adult on that side as well.  Any part of the nursery with childrn in it, must have adult supervision.
  • When parents check-out their children, they should initial the sign-in sheet.  Children must only be picked up by someone 16 years old or greater.  Younger siblings should not be picking up a brother or sister.