What People Are Saying

  What People Are Saying  
I love the affordable price, the kindergarten-prep curriculum, and all the fun field trips!  Our son did the age 4 and pre-K classes and always thought it was fun, made many friends, liked his teachers, loved show n' tell, and enjoyed learning the alphabet and other basics. This preschool was a warm, friendly, Godly experience for our son, and our daughter is enrolled for next year!  The Christmas Pageant is a can't miss!
--- Megan H

We would recommend Edgewood Christian Preschool to anyone!  Our daughter attended all three years starting with the 3's, moving on to the 4's and ending with PreK.  Our son went to the 4's and currently is in the PreK.  The curriculum is a good balance of learning with Christian principles.  Early learning is so important for your children's success in school, and the teachers here are fabulous at what they do!  We are so thankful for this school, and the experiences are children received here!
--- The Edwards Family

EBPS has been a true blessing to our family. Our son has learned so much in such a kind and nurturing environment, and is thriving. I know and feel confident that he is ready for kindergarten. We love all of his teachers. He loves going to school, and leaves with a happy heart! We are going to miss this wonderful school next year!  
--- Angie P

Edgewood Christian Preschool is a true blessing! It provides a safe, loving and fun learning environment. My daughter loved the Pre-K class, and the teachers did a wonderful job at preparing her for kindergarten.
--- Kelli M