Good Morning Church,

I pray that you all are doing well in your walk with the Lord this week. Today is April 1st and our morning at home has been full of fun pranks--I made Brown-E's for my girls to eat for breakfast :) I've sure missed seeing you all and I pray for you regularly. I've filled most of my time these past few weeks with emails, phone calls, online video meetings and reading. Lots of reading.

One book that I worked through last week in preparation of my talk in 1 Corinthians 13 on Love is one by William Smith. His book "Loving Well" and he says in the introduction: "The way I live out my relationships with people is one of the clearest indicators of how healthy my relationship with the Lord is. If I live knowing that God moves toward me all day long and invites me to move toward him, then I will engage people positively in their lives. But if I wait for others to give themselves to me first, then I show that I really don't believe or regularly experience this God who is reconciling people to himself. Either way, I live out the truth that you become whatever you worship."

It has been a challenge to be separated from people and I have found it all too easy to pull away and not communicate. I'm challenged to not pull away, but to lean into my relationships more these days. I'm not perfect in my pursuits, but I pray that I'm growing each day. How have all of you been doing? Has it been too easy to pull away from people these last few weeks, do you find yourself shutting down, detaching yourself? Can I encourage you to not do that? Lean into those relationships, encourage one another, the time is short. Pick up the phone, call someone in the church this week. Send that email or text. Encourage each other, look to love one another even from a distance.

Lord willing, we will meet again either at the building on a Sunday or with Jesus in eternity!

Your Pastor,

Jeff Coulter
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